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Welcome to VIP Auto Trans LLC. We provide Moscow residents, as well as its surrounding areas, with a wide range of transportation services. Our experienced and highly skilled drivers are real professionals in their business.



If you come from abroad you will arrive either at Sheremetyevo 2 international airport (all major international airlines and Aeroflot) or at Domodedovo international airport (Swiss Airlines, AirMalta, British Airways, Emirates, El Al, China Eastern, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways and most of the Central Asian airlines, plus most domestic airlines, except Aeroflot).

If you take a domestic flight, it'll be either to / from Sheremetyevo 1 or Domodedovo airports.

The new and renovated Vnukovo airport serves mostly domestic flights (UtAir, Vladivostok Avia, flights to North Caucasus), as well as German Wings flights to/from Germany.


Arriving / Departing with by Train
There are 9 railway stations in Moscow. Each is named by the main direction for the trains that depart from this railway station. All the railway stations are located close to the center of the city. The three train stations "Kazanski", "Yaroslavki" and "Leningradski" are located at the same area next to "Komsomolskaya" metro station (north-east center) and that's the stations you will use generally to go to St. Petersburg or Trans-Siberian.


Why choose us?

- Prompt, friendly & reliable drivers

- Mercedes S Class 221

- Cash payments taken in cab

- Competitive rates

- In-depth knowledge of Moscow

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